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 " Ellie & our Hibiscus Chia Glow are looking gorgeous this AM. Glow on!"
 " Have you tried our new Jalapiña juice? Greens with a Jalapeño & Cilantro kick. Delicious;)"
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 " #JuiceBreak is on:) Save this morning's juice receipt for 20% off this afternoon's juice- in all of our stores!"
 " Loving our special 1-day Spring Cleanse in this awesome cooler bag! Check out the exclusive Spring offer here: "
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 " It's all about our signature Green LOVE* juice this AM. Perfect healthy start: "
 " We are enthusiastically seeking awesome Organic Avenue Advisors for our stores & boutiques! Get the deets on our fresh, juicy job opportunities here: "
 " Stop in this Sunday & grab any 2 Green Juices for $17- going GREEN for St. Patrick's Day is easy with us! Special thanks to our model LJ;)"
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