"Here's to an amazingly sweet summer!  #SummerSolstice      — at   Jefferson Market Gardens - Green Living NYC  ."
 " Getting cozy with our 6 Spice   #DrinkingChocolate   - and absolutely loving   #Fall .    #FallLeaves     #Warm     #Cozy   #Chocolate "
 " In LOVE with our new Sea Salt and 6 Spice bars. Can't wait for you to try them!! Isn't love grand? xoxoxo   #NewFlavors     #OrganicChocolate "
 " It's officially fall and our new 'Sea Salt' and '6 Spice' bars have made their official debut and will be available SOON. It's going to be an amazing fall season this year - we can tell   wink emoticon     #FirstDayofAutumn "
  "Spotted: NibMor in   #Sicily  ! Those Italian tiles are making us want to hop on a plane right about now! Show us some love if our Mint & Nibs bar is one of your faves to bring with:)   #ChocolateTravels "
  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!   #StockingStuffers     #Organic     #Chocolate     #Give
  "Are you all about S'mores like we are? Sunday is National S'mores Day and we've got amazing skills to share on the perfect organic, vegan and gluten-free S'mores in our next newsletter. Go to   NibMor.com   and make sure you're signed up on our list!   #SmoresPlease "
 " Tell us your favorite flavor combination! Do you like to mix salty and sweet? Think snack time flavor combos like dried mangoes & almonds or walnuts, cashews, almonds & chocolate. Share your fave flavor combo below in the comment section!   #WhatsYourFlavor "
 " Look what we found... just in time for Friday!! Wishing you a bundled up and cozy weekend - our Mint   #DailyDose   is cold as ice.     #Snow     #Friday  #Chocolate     #FromWhereIsStand     #NYC     #Brrrr   #ColdAsIce "
 " Is it Vday yet? Just a little over 1 week 'til Valentine's Day, and we are SO excited!   #ChocolateLove "
 " It's National Eat Your Vegetables Day! Note to self: KALE is particularly rich in calcium, which helps keep bones healthy and prevents osteoporosis. Keep on lovin' on those dark leafy greens.   #eatyourvegetablesday  "
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